1. Launcher License Activation
In order to activate Launcher for your website address (auto-update file server) complete and send FORM

1.1 Launcher Directory
Create folder "launcherupdate" in your main website directory.
Copy content of "Tools\IGC.Launcher\Other useful stuff\Pre-Made Host Files\" into newly created launcherupdate folder.
Folder launcherupdate must contain folders: HashCheck, News, Patches

3. IGC.Launcher.Server Configuration
Go to IGC.Launcher.Server/Data folder and configure ConnectServerList.xml and SqlServerList.xml .
IMPORTANT: In "ConnectServerList.xml" leave Prefix="" empty.
4. Firewall Configuration
Launcher Server works on port 44400. If your windows firewall is enabled, you must open TCP port: 44400 .

[ SEASON 12 ] Game Client Launcher Configuration

For proper Launcher functioning, in ServerInfo.bmd use port "44405".

5. Watch Tutorial Videos
Complete Launcher installation tutorial:

Creation of new patch for game client:

Customization of Game Launcher theme: