Our Installation Service is mostly directed to the people with limited knowledge in this field.
Purchasing our service, you are sure that your server will be properly installed and secured.

Windows Environment

  • Initial Windows Server Configuration
  • Installation of Required Libraries
  • Installation of Recommended Software

SQL Server

  • SQL Server Installation
  • SQL User Configuration
  • Complete MuOnline Database Configuration

MuServer Files

  • Activation of Server Files
  • ConnectServer Configuration
  • DataServer Configuration
  • ChatServer Configuration
  • Complete SQL and IP Configuration
  • Inspector AutoStart Configuration
  • EssentialTools Configuration


  • Launcher Server Configuration
  • Installation of Launcher Auto-Update for a webhost.
  • Client-side Launcher Configuration
  • Configuration of HashCheck - Game Files Protection

Game Client

  • Client ServerInfo Configuration
  • ServerList Configuration

DMN Web Engine

  • DMN Installation for Windows XAMPP / Linux Web Hosting
  • DMN SQL Configuration
  • Initial DMN configuration such as ServerList and compatibility with MUEMU Server Files


  • Complete Windows Firewall Configuration
  • Configuration of Automatic Database Backup
  • Configuration of - Web Security
  • Configuration of SSL(HTTPS) - Cloudflare Certificate (Linux Web Hosting)


  • Virtual Server (VPS) with Windows Server 2012 (x64) R2 Standard
  • Active Server Subscription


    $21.50 USD