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  1. Error Select Socket on Webshop

    can you explain the problem a little better?
  2. (HELP)Donacion no da Credits

    Si me explicas bien el problema te puedo ayudar, porque el sistema de donacion funciona perfectamente hasta en mercadopago
  3. [SERVICE] Web Design

    amigo ando tan full creando ahorita themes que no me eh puesto a crear un portafolio pero puedes ver uno de mis trabajos en http://pntmu.com
  4. Multi Server Server status

    just make sure u have the right ports for all the gameserver :D localted in gameserver.ini if i'm not mistaking
  5. Do not count players online

    Can you add a photo? because never seen this error before
  6. Reset function not working

    I got that before, the problem is on ur tables config, make sure u did it right... after u change it go to htdocs if u use xammp or public folder if u use hosting and go application>data>cache and delete everything inside u should be fine after that
  7. [SERVICE] Web Design

    Hi ppl :D i just here to offer my services as a graphic and web designer If you looking for a original and custom theme for your server that only you have! contact me with your idea and i will make it happend! (Only for DmN MUCMS 1.0.1 and 1.1.8) also if you need a logo :D or a Theme for your launcher :P PM FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PRICES